Center Featured on Oregon State's ‘First Monday Update’ Video Series

MerImage from the Zoom conversation between Meredith Morrice of the Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy and Anita Azarenko, interim vice president for Oregon State Extension & Advancementedith Morrice, who heads up industry engagement for the Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy, was recently a featured guest on First Monday Update, a monthly video segment hosted by Anita Azarenko, interim vice president for Oregon State Extension & Engagement. Considering that the Center was still in the initiative phase the last time it was covered on an episode of First Monday Update, there was plenty of news to share. 

During the discussion, Meredith touched on a range of topics, including the latest statistics from state agencies that reveal the size and reach of the industry. “About one in 23 jobs in Oregon is related to the outdoors,” she says, also noting the rapidly growing size and interest in the outdoor recreation economy nationwide.

To learn more about the current and future status of the outdoor industry, how the Center is stepping forward to meet outdoor workforce development needs—including critical diversity, equity and inclusion priorities, and why Oregon State is particularly well-suited to lead these efforts, visit OSU’s Extension & Engagement YouTube channel for the full conversation.


Ben Peterson

Written by Ben Peterson

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